Top-down shooter 'Demon Throttle' is a physical exclusive for the Nintendo Switch

There's that artificial scarcity rearing its ugly head again.


The age of digital meant that games could never be sold out again. You could always find a title in an online store, even when your local GameStop was sold out or the eBay prices were too rich for your blood. However, Devolver is publishing a top-down shooter for Nintendo Switch that feels specifically made for the aftermarket, because it will be physical-only, with no digital release on the horizon.

Demon Throttle is what the kids would call "retro-style," and it's being developed by Doinksoft, the makers of Gato Roboto, Tombshaft and Devolver Bootleg. You won't even be able to pick this up at your local store or major online retailer, as it's only being sold though the collector boutique site Special Reserve Games. The regular, "single" version will go for $30, while there's also a collector's edition for $40. Good luck with trying to get one — the site is currently dumping users in a virtual queue. My estimated wait time is... 54 minutes. Which is fine, I guess, since the game doesn't actually ship until 2022.

'Demon Throttle' wait
Special Reserve Games