Disney+ adds a Hulu tab as the streaming services start integrating

The idea is to make it easier to access everything you might want to watch in one app.


Disney Bundle subscribers in the US should now be seeing some more general entertainment fare popping up on Disney+. The long-awaited integration of Hulu into the company's namesake streaming platform is underway. Disney has added a Hulu tab to the platform for those with a bundle subscription. The company is calling this a limited beta of Hulu on Disney+ ahead of a broader rollout in the spring.

The Hulu tab appears alongside those for Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic on the Disney+ homepage. Clicking or tapping on the tab will take you to a Hulu Hub, which features thousands of movies and shows, including episodes that aired on TV the day before. The idea is to make it easier for subscribers to access everything they might want to watch from within the same app.

According to Disney, by rolling out the Hulu tab in beta to begin with, subscribers will have time to set up parental controls and family profiles if they haven't already done so. That should help them stop kids from watching movies and shows that perhaps aren't age appropriate.

It's worth noting that the integration won't spell the end for Hulu (which Disney will soon take full ownership of) as a separate app. You'll still need that to access the Hulu + Live TV and Premium add ons, for instance. Additionally, you'll have to go to the Hulu app for the service's full on-demand library.

It seems that nothing much will change for folks in other countries as things stand. Disney+ subscribers in many territories already have access to Hulu originals as well as titles from the ABC, Disney and 20th Century back catalog through the Star tab.