Disney+ confirms subscribers will get 'Mulan' on December 4th

The $30 premium 'Mulan' offer kicks off Friday, but it will join the regular package in December.


On Friday, the live-action Mulan flick will be available via a “premium VOD” offer on Disney+ where subscribers can pay $30 to stream the flick at the same time it debuts in theaters worldwide. Current CEO Bob Chapek called the even a “one off” as the company gets this tentpole movie out, but it was unclear when it might be available without the fee.

Now, as analyst Rich Greenfield points out, the company’s FAQ has been updated and confirms earlier leaks that Mulan will be available as a part of the regular Disney+ package starting on December 4th.


What is Premier Access?

Starting September 4, with Premier Access, you can watch Mulan before it's available to all Disney+ subscribers or anywhere else. Disney+ will offer Premier Access to Mulan for $29.99 on and in the Disney+ app on select platforms, including Apple, Google, and Roku. The Premier Access offer will be available until November 2, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Once you have Premier Access to Mulan, you can watch as many times as you want on any platform where Disney+ is available. Your access to Mulan will continue as long as you are an active Disney+ subscriber. Mulan will be available to all Disney+ subscribers on December 4, 2020 for no additional cost.

Disney’s landing page has also been updated with the December 4th, 2020 date that had appeared on-and-off over the last few days. So, is the allure of getting a day-one showing at home enough for you to pay up for this movie, or will you wait around until later?

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