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Disney+ adds SharePlay group viewing for the iPhone and iPad

Watch 'Boba Fett' or 'Encanto' with up to 31 of your friends.

Disney+ SharePlay on iPhone streaming 'Encanto'
Jon Fingas
Jon Fingas|@jonfingas|December 15, 2021 10:00 AM

You or your kids might now have a good reason to try Apple's SharePlay feature. Disney+ has released an update that adds SharePlay group viewing to its iPhone, iPad and Apple TV apps, letting up to 32 people watch and chat together. This will help you discover the latest plot twists in Boba Fett or Hawkeye, of course, but it could also be helpful for young ones who want rewatch Frozen with their distant friends.

Before you ask: everyone in the call needs Disney+ to stream, and this only works if a given title is available to everyone in your virtual gathering. You can still choose audio and subtitles separately from everyone else — the group only shares the image and playback controls. Apple TV users can also watch on the big screen while using their iPhone or iPad to stay in touch.

The launch conveniently dovetails with a flurry of Disney+ show and movie releases. It's still a welcome addition, though, and it might be particularly useful during a holiday season when the pandemic still poses challenges for some in-person family gatherings.

Disney+ adds SharePlay group viewing for the iPhone and iPad