'Tell Me Why' is free for Pride Month

All three episodes are included.

Dontnod Entertainment

Starting today through to the end of June, you can download Tell Me Why for free. In honor of Pride Month 2021, developer Dontnod Entertainment has made the game available to anyone who wants to experience it. That includes all three episodes, not just the first one the studio previously gave away to allow people to try the title. You can download it on Xbox consoles, the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and Steam. Once it's tied to your account, it will stay there, allowing you to play it even after Pride Month is over.

Tyler Ronan, one of the playable characters in Tell Me Why, is transgender, and as the studio points out, it's been a challenging year for nonbinary and gender non-conforming the world over. Using the US as an example: as of April, 33 states passed more than 100 bills restricting the rights of transgender individuals. That's a record-breaking year for that type of legislation.

"Our intention in making Tell Me Why free for June 2021 is both to allow even more people to access the game and to encourage our players to spend their money in places that will directly affect trans and queer communities," the studio said. As one example, Dontnod suggests supporting queer and trans developers and creators by buying their games, pointing to titles like If Found... and Spirit Swap. If you haven't played Tell Me Why before, it also recommends checking out the game's FAQ, which highlights, among other things, how Dontnod wrote Tyler's character with help from LGBTQIA+ advocacy group GLAAD.

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