'Doom' and 'Doom II' are free for some Chromebook owners

Only for a limited time.
Ann Smajstrla
A. Smajstrla|06.04.20

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Ann Smajstrla
June 4th, 2020
video game
ID Software

Chromebook ownership has its perks, which includes offers on a rotating selection of apps and games. Now, Doom and Doom II are available for free on Chromebooks for a limited time. The offer isn’t available to every Chromebook user, so check the perks page to see if you qualify (via Android Police).

The Doom games are the classic ‘90s versions released by Bethesda (not the 2016 reboot), and they’re usually $4.99 each. It’s unclear how long they’ll be available for free, so you’ll probably want to act quickly. Other games currently available for free on Chromebook include The Elder Scrolls: Legends and Fallout Shelter, both of which are usually $19.99.

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