Someone modded ‘Doom’ to add ray-tracing

Doomguy’s shadow never looked so good.

Id Software / Sultim-t

Nearly three decades after Doom’s 1993 release, people continue to find ways to breathe new life into id Software's seminal first-person shooter. The latest to do so is a modder by the name of Sultim-t who this past week released Doom Ray Traced. As the name suggests, the project adds real-time path tracing to Doom, and the result can often be spectacular, with many levels featuring a sense of atmosphere they didn’t have before.

Unfortunately, this version of Doom isn’t playable on some of the more unusual places you can find the shooter. Only NVIDIA GPUs can run the mod, with support for AMD video cards not offered at the moment. To install Doom Ray Traced, you'll need an original Doom.wad file and the PrBoom source port. After that, you can play first three episodes of the game with modern lighting. Rip and tear.