BioWare gives us a (very brief) glimpse at the next 'Dragon Age'

The art looks cool, at least.


Gamescom’s Opening Night Live event was chock-full of announcements, with BioWare fans getting a treat early on in the livestream: a look at the next Dragon Age game, though at this point we have neither a full title nor release window.

Despite being announced almost two years ago, the game is still at an early point in its production cycle, according to GM/VP Casey Hudson. Most of the stream featured staff talking about their work at BioWare, but we did get a look at some of the concept art like castles on cliffs and underwater fights. Features that were teased include deeper, more involved NPC interaction. Voiceover recording for characters has commenced as well, including Solas (voiced by Gareth David-Lloyd), Bellara (Jee Young Han) and Davrin (Ike Amadi).

Lead writer Patrick Weekes mentioned that the story is about being powerless and taking on those in authority. And the choices you make will matter — including whether your party members live or die (perhaps similar to the Fire Emblem series).

Not much else was said about the game, though the devs did mention wanting to take advantage of next-gen technology, so we can expect to see this title on Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 when it does arrive in... whenever.