BioWare's long-awaited 'Dragon Age' teaser still disappoints

The Dread Wolf rises... eventually.

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The rumors were true: despite departures from the original team, BioWare has confirmed that it's working on a new Dragon Age game. Only... there's not much to say about it. Apart from promoting a curious #TheDreadWolfRises hashtag, the developer is saying virtually nothing about what the new title entails, when it will ship or even its name. You're going to be disappointed if you were planning your gaming calendar around another fantasy RPG from the studio.

It will have experienced developers, though. On top of people from the Dragon Age days, you'll find veterans from Jade Empire and even the classic Baldur's Gate series. The pedigree is right -- let's just hope BioWare doesn't leave gamers hanging and provides some real information in the near future.

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