Sony has a new PS5 controller, the DualSense Edge

It has five customizable profiles and other new goodies.


Sony is leveling up its PlayStation 5 gamepads with the DualSense Edge. The Edge is all about customization — it features five unique profiles, upgraded guts and a few extra input methods. There are two function buttons below the analog sticks on the new controller, and in initial images all of the rubberized grips look extra grippy all around.

Feel free to think of the DualSense Edge as Sony's take on the Xbox Elite controller. Players will be able to remap and deactivate buttons, and adjust stick sensitivity and dead zones, and then save these settings to unique profiles. The stick caps and back buttons are also swappable on the new gamepad, and users will be able to replace the entire stick module. The whole thing comes with a braided USB-C cable and a carrying case with USB charging included.

There's no word on availability or pricing for the new gamepad. Sony says it'll share more information about the Edge in the months ahead. The DualSense is a standout feature of the PlayStation 5, offering intense haptic feedback and trigger buttons with adjustable tension. This adds a layer of immersion to games from Deathloop to Stray to Astro's Playroom, and it's something that Xbox simply doesn't offer.

The Edge was revealed during Gamescom's Opening Night Live showcase.