Dyson’s V15 Detect vacuum hunts dust with a laser 'blade'

And even counts it.

An artists rendering of the Dyson v15 Detect (with laser sighting) in action, being held by a disembodied hand. (Dyson)

Dyson is very aware we’ve all spent more time indoors, and a lot more time in our own homes. At the (rather revolting) microscopic level, that means we’re all shedding more skin cells and hair onto our floors, carpets and rugs. To combat this, Dyson has unveiled no fewer than three new stick vacuum models, at various sizes and prices, to offer a level of clean you demonstrably see — and some use lasers and tiny piezo sensors to do so.

Let's focus on the Dyson V15 Detect, which is the $699 showcase model for the company’s tech upgrades. It includes a green laser diode that will shoot a 'blade' of green light, which is apparently the best color for being detected by the human eye. According to Dyson’s Global Dust Study 2021 (which other company would conduct such a study?), 60 percent of us are cleaning more than before and are more aware than ever of germs and viruses. And we don’t really want lots of them in our homes, if that’s possible, please.

Dyson’s new family of stick vacuums each pack a five-stage filtration that the company claims can capture 99.99 percent of dust particles, down to 0.3 microns. To help you find these tinier particles, a green laser on the V15's cleaner head is aimed at a 1.5-degree angle, trailing at 7.2mm off the ground. This specific distance apparently helps to create “the best contrast between dust and floor” according to the company’s spokesperson. It should also make vacuuming hardwood floors a little more thrilling, through the dumb, inexplicable appeal of laser beams. I’m already a little sold.

While the V15 Detect can still clean across hardwood and carpeting, the laser will only work on the former given that rugs and carpets have less uniform surfaces. The other upgrade, an acoustic piezo sensor, should work fine. This tries to offer more proof of cleaner floors by detecting and displaying the particle size (and frequency) of the dust you're collecting. Tiny carbon fibers in the cleaner head help to roughly measure microscopic particles which are then counted at up to 15,000 times a second. The acoustic piezo sensor turns the tiny vibrations of dust particles hitting it into electrical signals. Then, an in-built LCD screen at the hilt of the V15 Detect lays out your dust’s vital statistics in colorful bar charts, like these:

Dyson v15 Detect

When the V15 comes across high volumes of dust, it’ll automatically increase suction power. On eco mode, the V15 is rated for up to 60 minutes of runtime, and it’ll also reduce power when there’s less to clean up. If you've got bigger messes (or more square footage), then there's the updated Dyson Outsize, also available today ($799.99), which comes with a 150 percent bigger dust bin and 25 percent wider cleaner head.

It’s joined by a new kind of stick vacuum for Dyson, the Omni-glide. It ditches the trigger for a more standard power button. It has an entirely new cleaning head that features two rollers that rotate oppositely, pulling debris to the center of the suction force. The “Fluffy” cleaner head is supported on four stabilizing castors and can move forwards, backwards and sideways. This lighter model is aimed at smaller apartments and homes — or anywhere with a lot of nooks and crannies.

Dyson Omni-glide

The new design also swaps the typical Dyson handle for something that looks like it’d work as a Quidditch broom. Closer to the head, it has an extremely flexible neck and the Omni-glide is designed to lie entirely flat, able to reach deep underneath couches and beds. Those stabilizing castors include sealed ballbearings that should keep things moving smoothly and not get jammed by dirt too easily. The bin, filter, brush bar and cleaning head peripherals can also be removed for handwashing, while the slimmed-down battery should stretch to up to 20 minutes of cleaning time. The Omni-glide also has a narrower, lighter wand connecting the cleaner head to the motor, which should also make it easier to swish around your apartment or home.

The Dyson V15 Detect, priced at $700, and the $400 Omni-glide are both available to order now at

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