The Dyson Zone headset is comfy enough to sleep with, but still makes you look like Bane

Watch us try to sleep with the air-purifying headset and visor.

When I first checked out the Dyson Zone in March, the company didn't allow us to take our own photos of video of the demos, since they were still a ways from production. Now that we have new details about the pricing and availability of Dyson's air-purifying headphones, the company invited us to check out the device again, this time with video. The Dyson Zone will be available in March at a starting price of $950.

My second experience with the Dyson Zone was very similar to the first, except I was able to test it in more situations. Our video producer Joel Chokkattu and I were accompanied by a company rep while we took the headset out on the streets of New York, walking around for a block on a rainy day. As expected, passersby gawked when I snapped the Bane-like visor onto the headset, and one person even turned their head in shock.

To see if the Zone would be comfortable enough for me to wear on a long flight, which is how I believe most people would want to use it, I laid out on a couch with the entire device on. It wasn't terrible. We also got to check out the companion app and see a live chart showing the sound levels in our surroundings.

As a reminder, the Dyson Zone is not designed to protect against COVID-19 or other viruses. It does not seal to your face, even if the visor does cover your nose and mouth. It does leave the chin exposed, and there's a gap between the device and your skin. You can use inserts like an N95 mask attachment that the company offers as part of a package, but on its own the Zone is only getting rid of particles and acidic gasses like nitrogen dioxide and ozone.

For the full details, check out our video above and let us know what you think!