Ecobee’s smart thermostat now supports Siri voice control

You'll need a HomePod to make Siri sing.


Apple promised that Siri would reach third-party devices back at WWDC, and now it's clear just what that will look like. Ecobee has started rolling out an update that brings Siri to the SmartThermostat. You'll need a HomePod mini to serve as a hub, but you'll otherwise get to talk to Ecobee's device like you would your iPhone or Apple Watch — helpful if you want to set the temperature without reaching for another device first.

The update should reach all SmartThermostat users within the "next few weeks." The thermostat by itself costs $250, although you'll need to factor in another $99 if you don't have the HomePod.

There's a clear strategy here: Apple is using integrations like this to boost HomePod sales and expand Siri's competition with rival voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. However, this might still be appealing if you're either deeply invested in Apple's ecosystem or prefer its more privacy-oriented take on smart home control.