Ecoflow boosts its off-grid smart home with a robotic mower

You can also get a battery-powered fridge with ice maker, and HVAC.


I get it: On one hand, you want to be a resilient off-grid solarpunk freed from the yoke of your increasingly-unreliable power company. On the other, you’d still like to enjoy creature comforts both at home and when you’re on the road. It’s a problem EcoFlow understands, and has turned up to CES promising to help.

The company is showing off a new Whole Home Backup Solution, which ties in to its existing Delta Pro batteries. But that’s less interesting to me than the gizmos which are joining the ecosystem at today’s show. That includes Blade, a robotic lawnmower looking more like an RC car than its garden-shaving brethren, but the company says it’ll both trim your lawn and pick up fallen leaves, making “lawn care totally hassle-free.”

Then there’s Glacier, a portable fridge which comes with its own built-in battery and, crucially, its own ice maker. That way, you can keep the cocktails coming when the power is out, as well as keep vital medicines and other necessaries cold when the power’s gone. Rounding out the set is a new, updated version of its Wave, battery powered portable air conditioner, which can now do heating as well as cooling.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeline for when we can play with these products, or how much we can expect to pay for them when they arrive. But it does look as if there’s going to be a lot more people looking to add some energy independence to their homes in the future. And, I’m sure, plenty of them won’t want to abandon their creature comforts.