Ecovac's latest Deebot cleaning robots combine vacuuming and mopping

The machines range in price from $650 to $1,300.


Cleaning robot maker Ecovacs is launching three new Deebot vacuum / mop models. The company says the Deebot N10 Plus, T9+ and T10 Omni “have 3x the suction power of most robotic vac mops” while bringing some premium features from the $1,549 X1 Omni to (somewhat) lower price points. The three cleaning machines are available in the US starting today.

The Deebot T10 Omni is the most expensive of the three new models at $1,300. However, it tries to justify its price with a four-stage cleaning system that has 5,000Pa suction power. It also includes a dual-spinning mop that can rotate up to 180 times per minute. In addition, it has a built-in voice assistant, Yiko, that can recognize your voice and respond in real time. That could be a handy option if you don’t have third-party Alexa or Google Assistant devices, which all three machines also support.

The T10 Omni also includes an auto-cleaning station with two four-liter water tanks, hot-air drying to prevent bacteria buildup and a three-liter auto-emptying dustbin that “holds up to 75 days of dirt and debris.” Finally, it has a 5,200mAh battery that helps it clean for an estimated 150 minutes. The T10 Omni is an Amazon exclusive at launch.

A robot vacuum approaching its tall charging / cleaning station in a modern living room.

The $800 Deebot T9+ is a step down with 3,000Pa suction power. It includes a 3D imaging system (with a “70mm to 350mm level of accuracy”) and LiDAR floor mapping. Additionally, it allows for simultaneous vacuuming and mopping, 480 times-per-minute oscillating, and quick-scrub and deep-scrub cleaning options so that you can customize its power to the size of the mess. The T9+ also includes a 2.5-liter auto-empty station and a built-in air freshener to make your room smell better as it cleans. The vacuum’s battery has a 5,200mAh capacity with up to 175 minutes of runtime. It’s available at Amazon and Best Buy starting today.

Ecovacs describes the $650 Deebot N10 Plus as a more affordable choice for apartments and smaller homes. It has 3,800Pa suction power and can vacuum, sweep and mop simultaneously using LiDAR for guidance. In addition, it has a 240mL water tank for mopping and a 2.5-liter auto-emptying station that uses a sealed dust bag to hold months of dirt. Finally, it includes a 5,200mAh battery that keeps it running for an estimated 200 minutes. The Deebot N10 Plus is available online only starting today, but Ecovacs says additional retailers will stock it soon.

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