Hackers are corrupting the save files of ‘Elden Ring’ players on PC

A new exploit sends characters into an endless death loop.

FromSoftware / Bandai Namco

If you’re playing through Elden Ring on PC, you may want to disable the game’s online functionality for the time being. According to a Reddit report spotted by Eurogamer, some malicious individuals have found a hack that can send PC players into an endless death loop.

You can see the exploit in action in a video posted by Elden Ring Update on Twitter. A hacker will invade your game and use a specific ability that forces Elden Ring to crash. When you reload your save, your character will repeatedly fall to their death. Elden Ring is a big game, and some players have reported losing as much as 100 hours of gameplay in this way.

If all of this sounds familiar, it’s because FromSoftware was recently forced to disable Dark Souls 3’s multiplayer features after a hacker identified a vulnerability within the game that allowed them to execute code remotely. The studio has been working to address the issue since February.

FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have yet to comment on the exploit. We’ll update this article when they say something on the matter. In the meantime, your best bet is to play offline. Failing that, you’ll want to regularly backup your save in case someone uses the exploit on one of your characters. In the worst-case scenario, it’s possible to salvage a save, but the process isn't easy. You need to press Alt F4 before your character dies, and then quickly fast travel to a Site of Grace when you reload the game.