'Elden Ring' PC update fixes Steam cloud save issue

Some players lost hours of gameplay due to the game not saving their progress to the cloud.

FromSoftware / Bandai Namco

Elden Ring players on PC may want to update their copy before they load their previous saves, just to make sure they don't lose progress to a Steam Cloud save bug. The latest update for the game's Steam version fixes an issue with conflicting local and cloud save data that cost some players hours, maybe even days, of gameplay.

As IGN reports, players took to social media to complain how they'd lost tons of progress because their latest cloud save data was from hours or days before. The official Elden Ring account on Twitter acknowledged the issue and advised gamers to check their cloud save's last modified date and time before loading, or better yet, to use a local save instead. This patch resolves the problem and also comes with some stability and performance fixes.

Just a few days ago, it was Elden Ring players on the PS5 who had to grapple with a save issue. A bug prevented the game from saving their progress if the console crashed or if it lost power while in Rest Mode. Elden Rings publisher Bandai Namco advised users to manually exit the game before it rolled out an update that patched up the problem.