An electric RV is coming from Lordstown Motors and Camping World

They're partnering for a variety of EV offerings.

Lordstown Endurance EV pickup (Lordstown Motors)

Lordstown Motors, a company that’s been focused on developing electric trucks for commercial customers, is teaming up with the RV retailer Camping World for a slew of EV offerings. Most intriguing, the companies are planning to build the first large-scale production electric RV, as Autoblog reports. Before that mythical vehicle arrives, though, Camping World will also launch a nationwide service and collision network for Lordstown’s EVs.

Current RV owners aren’t left out of the fun either: the two companies are also working on a lithium-ion battery pack for trailers, which would replace gasoline generators. And Camping World also plans to launch a Good Sam EV charging network at its locations.

Given that RVs were one of the few ways to have a safe vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic, the market for mobile travel homes experienced a surge in 2020. That excitement may carry over for the next few years, as vaccines roll out and international air travel continues to face restrictions. It’ll likely take a while for Lordstown Motors and Camping World to actually develop an electric RV (or eRV, as they like to call it). But given the increasing appetite for electric vehicles, it makes sense to start exploring how that tech could transform RVs now.

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