Elgato's Key Light Mini provides vlogger-friendly lighting on the road

It's brighter than its Logitech rival, but you'll pay accordingly.


Logitech isn't the only one launching a small light for streamers and vloggers. Elgato has introduced a Key Light Mini that promises strong illumination away from your desk or studio. While its 800-lumen output isn't as powerful as the Corsair brand's 2,800-lumen regular Key Light, it's portable — you can run it on battery for up to four hours at half brightness, which should be enough for an on-the-scene YouTube vlog or TikTok clip.

The Key Light Mini offers the same 2,900K to 7,000K color temperature range as its full-size counterpart, and you can control the diffused light with onboard buttons when the WiFi-based computer and mobile apps aren't an option. A quarter-inch thread lets you mount Elgato's light on a camera or tripod, and you can bypass the battery entirely if you're simply using this to augment your livestreams and video calls at home.

Elgato is selling the Key Light Mini for $100 through Amazon and its own website. That's significantly more than Logitech's $60 Litra Glow, but you're also getting a much brighter display you can take with you. The extra outlay might be easy to rationalize if you either prize mobility or just want more flexibility for tricky lighting conditions.

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