Engadget Podcast: Apple’s confounding Studio Display and the great new iPad Air

Once again, Apple lets us down with its monitors.

Engadget Podcast (Engadget)

It’s time to talk about all of those other new Apple gadgets. This week, Engadget Deputy Editor Nathan Ingraham joins Devindra to dive into Apple’s Studio Display, a nice looking 5K monitor that’s really only meant for the Mac faithful. Also, they discuss why the new iPad Air is a fabulous tablet, and explore what could be the best 5G laptop for RV nomads. Stay tuned to the end for a chat with Dan Erickson, the creator of the excellent Apple TV+ series Severance.

Engadget · Apple’s confounding Studio Display and the great new iPad Air

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  • Apple’s confounding Studio Display – 1:28

  • The M1 iPad Air, however, is great – 16:05

  • Snap buys brain interface company NextMind – 28:37

  • Apple acquired UK banking startup Credit Kudos – 33:27

  • The saga of the LA Tesla jump TikTok stunt – 40:23

  • Ask Engadget: The best setup for retiree trailer life – 44:54

  • Working on – 52:40

  • Pop culture picks – 55:58

  • Interview with Severance creator Dan Erickson – 1:02:44

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Hosts: Devindra Hardawar and Nathan Ingraham
Producer: Ben Ellman
Music: Dale North and Terrence O'Brien
Livestream producers: Julio Barrientos
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