Engadget Podcast: Our Apple Vision Pro hangover

We give our final thoughts on Apple's headset (for now).

Photo by Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

We still can’t stop thinking about the Apple Vision Pro. This week, Cherlynn and Devindra chat with CNET’s Scott Stein about our post-review impressions of Apple’s headset. We’ve got further thoughts about using it in public (maybe don’t), the isolation of being sealed off from the world, and the way falling asleep with the Vision Pro on can make you lose your sense of reality. We also discuss Mark Zuckerberg’s impression of the headset, and why he thinks the Quest 3 is ultimately a better product. (We agree, with caveats.) In other news, we explore how Arc’s ad-stripped AI mobile search app may be good for its users, but ultimately bad for web creators.

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  • Last thoughts on Apple’s Vision Pro with CNet’s Scott Stein – 1:11

  • Arc Browser AI summaries prompts the question “Who makes money when AI reads the internet for us?” – 38:06

  • Waymo self-driving car attacked and set on fire during Lunar New Year celebration – 49:22

  • Stealth piracy app Kimi briefly passed Netflix on Apple’s App Store charts – 52:48

  • Lyft stock spikes after typo in earnings report – 55:12

  • Around Engadget – 56:53

  • Working on – 59:04

  • Pop culture picks – 59:38


Hosts: Cherlynn Low and Devindra Hardawar
Guest: Scott Stein
Producer: Ben Ellman
Music: Dale North and Terrence O'Brien

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