Engadget Podcast: Billionaires in space, Windows in the cloud

And more updates from beta software land.

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This week, editor-in-chief of Tariq Malik joins Cherlynn and Devindra to break down what led to the ongoing billionaire space race and what's happening now. Was Richard Branson really in space? What's the difference between Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and Space X's vehicles? Plus, what are these billionaires trying to achieve, and at what cost? Then, our hosts dig into Microsoft's new Windows 365 virtual machine and ask who it's for. Plus, updates across the Android 12, iOS 15 and macOS betas, and our thoughts on a Mario-themed smartwatch.

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Engadget · Billionaires in space, Windows in the cloud



  • editor in chief Tariq Malik explains the new billionaire space race – 1:32

  • Microsoft launches its Windows 365 cloud service – 36:04

  • Notes from the Android 12 Beta 3 release – 43:30

  • President Biden signs executive order on net neutrality, right to repair – 47:11

  • New MacOS Beta release reverts Safari tab design – 51:35

  • Tag Heuer’s Super Mario smartwatch exists, costs over $2,000 – 53:31

  • Working on – 57:25

  • Pop culture picks – 59:46

Video livestream

Hosts: Cherlynn Low and Devindra Hardawar
Guest: Tariq Malik
Producer: Ben Ellman
Livestream producers: Julio Barrientos, Owen Davidoff, Luke Brooks
Graphics artists: Luke Brooks, Kyle Maack
Music: Dale North and Terrence O'Brien

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