Epic Games Store's self-serve refunds get your money back without the wait

You can also buy games from some stores without needing keys.

Jon Fingas/Engadget

Epic Games is still busy adding helpful (and occasionally overdue) features to its online store. The gaming giant recently introduced self-serve refunds that save the hassle of waiting for your request to be processed. You’ll still have to request a refund within two weeks, and can’t have played more than two hours (or received a ban during those two hours), but you should get your money back quickly.

The update comes right as shoppers have noticed that Epic is automatically issuing partial refunds if a game goes on sale shortly after you buy it. You won’t have to worry quite so much about overpaying for a title.

There are some changes that may affect you even if you’re not experiencing buyer’s remorse. The Epic Games Launcher has been changed to warn you if you’re launching a game you don’t own, although it will store your owned titles in memory so that you’re not locked out of a game when you’re offline. You can limit bandwidth for game updates if it tends to choke your connection. And you can now buy Epic Games Store titles from third-party stores like Fanatical, Genba Digital and Green Man Gaming just by linking your Epic account, rather than a key. That’s partly to discourage key resales, but it also saves you time when you just want to start playing.

There are still useful features in the pipeline, including a mod marketplace and an achievement system. These additions probably won’t change your mind about Epic’s shop. They might, however, add some reassurances if you’re willing to try Epic’s game portal.