Eufy’s popular baby monitor drops to $79 at Newegg

The manual-pan version has a longer battery life than its automatic counterpart.


Eufy’s Spaceview baby monitors have been a favorite of the parents at Engadget for a reason: The company produces reliable, simple to operate video monitors that work in a variety of rooms and positions to keep an eye on your little one. The manual-pan version of the popular 720p device is now available for $79 at Newegg when you use promo code 9BFSTART98 at checkout.

Buy Eufy baby monitor at Newegg - $79

The automatic version, which pans the room corner-to-corner, was on sale last week but has gone back to its regular price. The manual version doesn’t support remote pan and tilt but does have a much longer battery life, running for up to 30 hours. It also features the same 720p resolution monitor with night vision, temperature monitor, lullabies and two-way audio.

Up to four cameras can be connected, and the monitor will cycle through all four views. The system also has an alarm clock that will remind tired parents when the next feeding time or diaper change is due. The wireless FHSS transmission is encrypted for privacy and has a range of up to 1,000 feet. If the remote pan option isn’t as important to you, this is the lowest price we’ve seen for this popular and easy to set up monitor.

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