A new 'Fable' game is coming to Xbox Series X and PC

From the team behind 'Forza Horizon'


Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase had its ups and downs, but it ended with one hell of a tease: A minute-long clip of a fairy flitting around a lush kingdom and being eaten by a frog confirmed a new Fable game is coming to the Xbox Series X and Windows 10 PCs.

Sadly, that's all the new information Microsoft and developer Playground Games -- best known for their work on the Forza Horizon series -- had to offer today. That can’t feel great for the series’ long-time fans; they haven't gotten a proper mainline Fable game since Fable 3 dropped in 2010, though other developers have occasionally done what they could to sate players' appetites.

There was that Kinect-driven spin-off, Fable: The Journey, which launched in 2012 to mixed reviews, not to mention the oddball beat ‘em up Fable Heroes that same year. More recently, there was Fable Fortune, a card game devised and Kickstarted by Lionhead alums shortly after the studio was shuttered. If anything, though, repeated reuse of the IP made the prolonged lack of a proper Fable RPG even more obnoxious.

Even so, today’s news won’t come as a huge shock to series faithful: Eurogamer reporter that Microsoft was looking to add a splashy new game to the mix back in early 2018, and even pinned Playground as the developer in charge of the project. We’re all for long-held rumors becoming a reality, but now it’s time for details and they can’t come soon enough.