Dozens of Facebook contractors lost their jobs after an algorithm reportedly chose them 'at random'

Meta has been slashing spending and hiring plans.

Dado Ruvic / reuters

A firm contracted by Meta recently told dozens of its workers that their work for Facebook “was soon being taken away,” according to a new report from Insider. The cuts affect about 60 employees of Accenture, a firm that oversees teams of Facebook moderators and other contractors.

The reasons for the cuts are unclear as workers were not given an explanation for the changes. According to Insider, workers were informed of the news during a hastily scheduled video call during which nameless Accenture representatives told the contractors they had been selected “at random” via an algorithm.

Facebook declined to comment to Insider and an Accenture rep denied that “layoff actions” had taken place. Affected workers were reportedly told they could reapply and interview for new roles within the firm.

The cuts come as Meta faces unprecedented challenges to its business amid an economic downturn and hits to its advertising business. The company, which recently reported shrinking revenue for the first time in its history after losing billions of dollars on its virtual reality division, has already drastically cut hiring plans and told managers to weed out low performers. The company also cut back some of its famously extravagant employee perks, like onsite laundry service, earlier this year. Meta employees are reportedly concerned that the company could slash its workforce by as much as 10 percent, though the company has so far denied it has plans for mass layoffs.

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