Facebook's new Reels controls help fine-tune what videos you see

You can now tell Facebook what kind of videos to show more or less of.


Facebook has rolled out a new set of controls for Reels that give you some semblance of control on what kind of videos you want to see. When you tap the three-dot menu at the bottom of the video player, you'll now find two new options that say "Show more" and "Show less." Choosing the first will temporarily increase the ranking score of that video, so Facebook can show you more Reels similar to it. Meanwhile, choosing the other will temporarily decrease its ranking. In time, as you continue to vote using the new controls, Facebook will better understand your preferences.

In addition to introducing the new personalization controls, the company has added Reels to the main navigation menu of Facebook Watch at the top of the page. That gives you quick access to the short-form videos, which the company hopes will lead you to discover new creators and content that align with your interests. Plus, you can now scroll seamlessly between Reels and longer videos on Facebook. Finally, the company has rolled out new tags for Reels to give you more context on why it's appearing on your timeline, such as if a friend had liked it.

When the social media giant released its latest earnings report, company chief Mark Zuckerberg said that Reels have helped increase the time users spend on Facebook and Instagram. As the company continues to improve how it ranks Reels, which is meant to surface more relevant content, Facebook is likely hoping that users will end up spend more and more time on the apps.