Ferrari’s Vision hybrid race car arrives in ‘Gran Turismo 7’ on December 23rd

The concept car will exist only inside the game.

Ferrari / Polyphony Digital

Since 2013, Gran Turismo’s Vision project has seen some of the world’s largest automakers, including Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz, imagine what their cars could look like without real-world constraints. Over the weekend, GT series developer Polyphony Digital announced the latest addition to the Vision stable, an entry from Ferrari, would arrive in Gran Turismo 7 on December 23rd.

Like its predecessors, the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo features capabilities that would put any production vehicle to shame. Ferrari outfitted the concept car with “a more extreme version” of the V6 engine found on the 499P hypercar the automaker plans to field at next year’s Le Mans endurance race. In-game, the single-seat hybrid will produce more than 1,000 horsepower, with three electric motors providing additional power.

“We wanted to create a vision of the future designed without constraint, but born from Ferrari’s unrivalled understanding of engineering, aerodynamics and future technologies, and deliver it into the digital world for a whole new audience to experience,” said Ferrari Design Director Flavio Manzoni. Ferrari fans should keep their eyes out for an in-game quiz. Completing it before anyone else will grant early access to the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo.