'Final Fantasy 14' free trial returns on February 22nd

Square Enix also confirmed it has no plans to introduce NFTs to the game.

Square Enix

Late last year, Square Enix suspended sales of Final Fantasy 14 and stopped offering free trials as the game became overwhelmed with new players, following its latest expansion. Now, FF14 producer and director Naoki Yoshida has announced that free trials are returning starting tomorrow, February 22nd, Eurogamer has reported.

The company said at the time that it had to halt sales because the "dense concentration of play hours... far exceed [the game's] server capacity." It addressed that by bringing its Oceania Data Center online and opening five new Worlds from the start so that everyone in Oceania could transfer over. Shortly afterwards (on January 25th), Final Fantasy 14 went back on sale.

The developer must have figured that it still wasn't quite ready for the free trial traffic, but that situation is apparently resolved as well. The company also announced that more deep dungeons are coming to Final Fantasy 14 with the 6.0 series of patch updates, expected to arrive in the coming months. Yoshida also confirmed that "at this point," there are no plans to introduce NFTs to FF14. "We did notice a lot of reactions, especially from the Western [audience] about NFTs, many comments about how [they're] opposed to NFTs," he added.