'Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis' comes to iOS and Android on September 7th

The mobile game retells FFVII and adds backstories for the characters.

Applibot/Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, a mobile game that expands the FFVII story and universe, will be available on iOS and Android on September 7th. Square Enix first announced the mobile game along with the battle royale action title Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier back in 2021. It was supposed to come out in 2022, but delays pushed back its release, and the company didn't start closed beta testing for the game until July this year.

Ever Crisis was developed by Applibot, though Final Fantasy veterans Kazushige Nojima, Yoshinori Kitase and Tetsuya Nomura were involved as scenario writer, executive producer and creative director, respectively. It features an art style reminiscent of the the original FFVII's chibi characters, but with a twist — as The Verge notes, Cloud has actual hands in this version.

The game retells the events from the original game, so players can relive some of its most iconic moments, though it also includes the The First Soldier's backstory and stories about the characters from when they were younger. As for its gameplay, it's based on the original's Active Time Battle system that's been optimized for mobile.

Ever Crisis will be free-to-play, but according to Android Police's review of the closed beta version, players will have to spend money playing "gacha" to get weapons and other items. Fans who want to play the game regardless and as soon as it becomes available can now pre-register for either or both mobile platforms.