'Fire Emblem Engage' is coming to Switch on January 20th

Marth, the protagonist of the first Fire Emblem games, is returning to the series.


Today's Nintendo Direct kicked off with a bang, with the reveal of a new, mainline Fire Emblem game. You won't have to wait too long to get your hands on Fire Emblem Engage either. It's coming to Nintendo Switch on January 20th.

A thousand years after four kingdoms and heroes from further afield worked together to imprison a Fell Dragon, this so-called great evil is poised to re-emerge. Your task is to collect Emblem Rings that are scattered across the world in order to bring peace to the Continent of Elyos.

Along with the announcement, Nintendo offered a first look at gameplay. Fire Emblem Engage appears to have grid-based, real-time strategy elements, along with turn-based battles and open-world exploration. The game will feature a new cast of customizable characters, though you'll be able to summon heroes such as Marth (who's making his return to the Fire Emblem series) and Celica in your quest.

You can pre-order Fire Emblem Engage now from the Nintendo eShop. A physical Divine Edition with a steelbook and art case will be available too.