Apple TV+ acquires Werner Herzog's meteorite documentary 'Fireball'

The director teamed up with volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer.

Christian Charisius / Reuters

When Apple TV+ launched, the space drama For All Mankind was immediately well-received, and now Apple has acquired a space documentary. Directed by Werner Herzog — taking a break from his Mandalorian duties — and professor Clive Oppenheimer, Fireball promises to help viewers “discover how shooting stars, meteorites and deep impacts have focused the human imagination on other realms and worlds, and on our past and our future.”

The two previously collaborated on other documentaries, including their volcano deep-dive Into the Inferno, which premiered on Netflix in 2016. This documentary was announced in 2018 and is produced by Spring Films. There’s no release date mentioned, but with many productions sidelined due to the pandemic, competition over content that’s ready to release may get fiercer.