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Firefox Focus on Android now includes an HTTPS-only mode

Firefox 98 also adds new customization options.


Firefox 98, the latest release of Mozilla's web browser, introduces a handful of small but handy features. Most notable among them is the addition of an HTTPS-only mode to Firefox Focus on Android. When enabled, the feature protects your online safety and privacy by ensuring you automatically connect to the HTTPS version of a website, even when you manually type HTTP in the address bar or tap on a legacy link.

The update also includes new customization features. Over on the iOS version of Firefox, you can now decide whether you want the search bar to sit at the top or bottom of the screen. For the first time, Mozilla is also introducing mobile wallpapers. Available on both Android and iOS, the first collection celebrates Pixar’s latest movie, Turning Red. Notably, it was created by Melissa Chang, an Asian-American UX designer with Mozilla’s Studios team.

You can download Firefox 98 starting today.