Firefox Focus for Android will offer another way to prevent cross-site tracking

Total Cookie Protection stores cookies from each site separately.


The Android version of the Firefox Focus browser is getting another layer of privacy protection. Mozilla is bringing its Total Cookie Protection feature to the app to tackle cross-site tracking.

The feature silos cookies from each site you visit into "cookie jars." Storing cookies separately should help prevent them from tracking you around the web and providing companies with data on your browsing behavior, such as details about the products you search for and sites you visit. That information can be used for ad targeting and other purposes.

Mozilla calls Total Cookie Protection one of its its strongest privacy protections to date and is a key weapon in its long-running battle against web tracking. In June, alongside a redesign of the browser, the organization enabled the feature by default when privacy mode is active in Firefox proper.

An illustration depicting how Firefox's Total Cookie Protection works. With the feature off, websites can access the same pool of browser cookies. The feature isolates cookies from each site, to mitigate cross-site tracking.

Firefox Focus has privacy safeguards enabled by default, so it makes sense to bring Total Cookie Protection there. Mozilla says it's the first Firefox mobile browser to offer the feature.

Many sites embed files hosted on other servers. To avoid issues with those caused by isolating cookies with Total Cookie Protection, Mozilla is tapping into SmartBlock and some other features. It says these help prevent websites from breaking — SmartBlock replaces commonly blocked trackers so sites render as usual.