Firefox mobile update makes it easier to pick up from where you left off

The browser will now also get rid of old tabs after 14 days.

stockcam via Getty Images

Mozilla has rolled out Firefox 94 for Android and iOS, and with it comes a new homepage that makes it easier to go back to what you were doing before you had to close the app. In its announcement, the organization said it wanted to "lift that heavy mental burden of remembering to finish those halfway read articles or vacation research" until you're ready to finish them. The new homepage has an easy way to jump back into your last open tab, and it now contains your most recently saved bookmarks.

There's no need to go to the bookmarks menu or access your browsing history anymore, if you just want to access the last bookmarks you've saved or viewed. If you have a Firefox account and also use the browser on desktop, your most recently saved bookmarks on desktop will also be added to the mobile homepage. Further, you can quickly access all your bookmarks by clicking Show All.

The new homepage for Android also has the ability to group search queries by topic. Say, you're looking up things for an upcoming vacation — the browser now groups and lists the results you access instead of opening them in separate tabs. To keep things clean, those groups of information will only be available within 14 days. Speaking of keeping things clutter-free, the new Firefox will now mark tabs as "inactive" if you haven't visited them within the last 14 days. You can still go back to them after that, but they'll no longer clutter your view. Similar to topics grouping, this particular feature is only available on Android at the moment and will arrive on iOS in the coming months.

Finally, Mozilla is making Firefox's Pocket feed customizable. If you're on Android, you'll now be able to choose the topics of the stories you want to populate your feed. You'll still get Pocket stories on iOS, but the ability to customize topics isn't available for the platform yet.