Fitbit challenges, adventures and open groups join the Google graveyard today

If you didn't already download your trophies, they're gone now.

Cherlynn Low / Engadget

In February, Fitbit announced it would sunset open groups, adventures and challenges on March 27th. That day has arrived, and if you didn’t download your trophies before today, I’m sorry to say you missed your chance to do so. Last month, Fitbit said it was removing those features due to “limited use.”

If you’re a longtime Fitbit user, the demise of open groups, adventures and challenges is likely to come as a shame, particularly since two of them made the platform more social and were widely copied by the company’s competitors. Challenges, for instance, made it possible to motivate your friends and family to hit their daily step count. Meanwhile, open groups were a great way to meet other like-minded users, and there were some groups with hundreds of thousands of active users. Now those are gone.