Fitbit and Deepak Chopra launch 'Mindful Method' mental health series

It's a collection of content designed to improve your mental health.

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Deepak Chopra wearing a Fitbit

After the year we've had, it can be all too easy to feel emotionally and mentally overwhelmed. Thankfully, there has been growing awareness in the tech industry that our mental health contributes to our overall wellbeing as well. Fitbit was one of the first major wearable makers to integrate some form of relaxation feature in its products to help its users alleviate stress, and is continuing its efforts in the area by announcing a new partnership today. It's working with author Deepak Chopra to launch a "Mindful Method" service today as part of its Premium subscription service to provide more options for those looking to focus on their mental wellbeing.  

The "Mindful Method" is basically a package of wellness content like meditations and guided sessions offered exclusively on Fitbit Premium. Some of the content features Chopra himself, like a series called "A Day with Deepak Chopra," while the others were curated by the guru. Starting today, 7 pieces of content are available, with Fitbit promising that the program will grow to feature more than 30 sessions across topics like stress management and mind-body connection. 

As a reminder, Fitbit Premium costs $9.99 a month and also offers access to personalized coaching and more than 200 audio and video workouts. While it's nice to see the company partner with such a big name in the space to provide content focused on mental wellbeing, there's still plenty of free stuff out there. If you're already a Premium subscriber, this is probably good news for you. If not, this is unlikely to convince you to sign up unless you're a big fan of Chopra. 

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