Ford’s 2022 Maverick pickup is perfect for nerds

Low cost, 3D printing and customization.

It’s easy to point to EVs and declare them the official vehicles of nerds. The only problem is that EVs are pricey. We’ve been waiting for pricing parity between EVs and gas vehicles for years and it’s likely going to take longer to come to pass thanks to ongoing supply issues. So why not embrace a hybrid that also happens to be a small truck with a very impressive starting price?

The 2022 Ford Maverick starts at $20,000 and ships with a hybrid powertrain that delivers up to 42 MPG. In addition to being a truck, it has a bed that’s built for customization. Plus, thanks to makers like Robert Trapp, the FITS ((Ford Integrated Tether System) already has 3D designs ready for printing or manipulation. It’s inexpensive, customizable, and a hybrid. Now, all we need is a cheap EV version in five years.Watch the video above for the full story.