Ford makes it easier to 3D-print accessories for its Maverick pickup

You can make your own cupholder or phone mount.


Ford teased the prospect of 3D-printing your own accessories when it unveiled the Maverick hybrid pickup truck, and it's acting on that promise. According to 3D Printing Industry and Newsweek, the brand has released CAD files to help you 3D-print add-ons compatible with the Ford Integrated Tether System (FITS) slots behind the center console and under-seat storage bins. You can build a cupholder that fits your favorite drink, or a phone mount tailored to your latest handset.

You could say Ford is late. Enthusiasts have already designed FITS accessories in the months since the Maverick's launch. You can even find unofficial FITS slots for the dashboard cubby and non-Ford vehicles. The official files should make it that much easier to create add-ons, though, and it won't be surprising if there's a surge in user-made designs.

Ford Maverick FITS 3D-printed accessories

The company is still happy to sell pre-made FITS accessories. As design manager Scott Anderson told Newsweek, however, the 3D printing support represents a "pretty big shift" in Ford's attitude toward users. It's an acknowledgment do-it-yourself accessory making is on the rise, and that customizing a vehicle can include more than just performance tuning or cosmetics. What Ford loses in accessory sales it might gain in loyal fans who buy the brand's vehicles again.