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Ford may over-deliver on the Mustang Mach E’s power and torque

Ford's dealer training slides show modest gains over the launch specs.


Ford’s upcoming 2021 Mustang Mach-E might have more speed and acceleration than expected, according to leaked dealer slides seen by Mach-E forum administrators and spotted by Autoblog. All of the versions appear to have gained horsepower and torque over the launch specs, with the standard range RWD model now hitting 266 horsepower instead of 255, with torque going from 306 to 317 pound feet. Meanwhile, the top end AWD extended range model has jumped 14 horses up to 346 horsepower while torque rose from 417 to 428 pound feet.

When Ford originally published the Mustang Mach-E specs on launch, it said that the power figures were “targeted” numbers. If the new specs prove to be accurate, it managed to find some extra ponies while bring the Mach-E to production spec. While modest, the boost could give Ford some extra bragging rights by shaving tenths off acceleration times and boosting the top speeds.

Ford has estimated that the standard range Mach-Es with 75.7-kWh batteries will go up to 230 miles on a charge, while the extended range models will have 300 miles of EPA range. Models vary in price from $43,895 for the Select model, up to $60,500 for the GT — reasonable prices for high-performance EVs. The Mach-E (which is less pony-car and more crossover), could arrive by spring of 2021, but Ford told Autoblog that there “many moving pieces,” and won’t yet say exactly when it’ll go on sale.