'Fortnite' patch adds gyro and flick stick aiming options

They're 'more robust' than previous motion controls for Switch and Android.

Epic Games

Epic Games has rolled out the latest Fortnite patch, which gives players more ways to control their character as they pursue a Victory Crown. The game now supports gyro and flick stick controls on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PS5, Android and PC (but not, unfortunately, Xbox). Although gyro controls were already available on Switch and Android, Epic says the latest iteration is more robust.

The studio worked with input specialist Julian “Jibb” Smart on the updated gyro options. When the setting is enabled, you'll be able to move the camera by physically moving the controller. It should make Fortnite more accessible, while some players may find the gyro option improves their aim (they can, for instance, use the right stick for most camera movement and make finer adjustments with gyro aiming).

The feature works in tandem with flick stick control. That setting, which is only available when gyro is enabled, will flick the camera in a certain direction when you point the right stick that way. You'll need to use the gyro controls to aim up or down, since pulling the stick back will snap the camera 180 degrees to look behind you.

Players will find both options in the Touch and Motion tab of the settings. They'll be able to, for instance, enable gyro functions only while aiming and tweak factors like sensitivity.

The 19.30 patch brings in some other changes. All players will now load directly into the Battle Royale lobby when they boot up the game. They'll need to go to the Discover screen to access the Save the World and Creative modes. It's a smart move, since Battle Royale is why most people come to Fortnite, and Epic knows where its bread is buttered. Elsewhere, Armored Walls will have vanished from Supply Drops in competitive playlists.

The patch isn't the only Fortnite news on the horizon this week. Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer from the Uncharted series will hit the Item Shop on Thursday, the day before the Uncharted movie opens in North America.