Fortnite's next season features Transformers and rideable raptors

Fortnite Wilds starts on June 9th.

Epic Games

Epic Games is about to decimate the Fortnite island once again. The battle royale's latest season, dubbed Fortnite Wilds, commences on June 9th, and a cinematic trailer debuted for it during Summer Game Fest Live.

This time around, Epic is revamping the island by collapsing the center of it to reveal a jungle. You'll be able to ride colorful velociraptors and explore ancient ruins. Mud and vines will play roles in the season as well. Somehow, all of that ties into a Transformers collaboration as Optimus Prime make an appearance. As it happens, a new Transformers movie is in theaters this week.

There's not much cohesion between the jungle theme and the latest crossover, but it doesn't really matter. Millions of people will rush to play the new season anyway. Besides, let's face it: tearing around the island on the back of a raptor while wearing an Optimus Prime skin could be fun.

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