You are the frog in Peacock's upcoming 'Frogger' physical competition show

Remember Frogger? NBC sure hopes you do.

What do you get when you mix Takeshi's Castle with Frogger, besides a hairspray-infused blast of 1980s nostalgia? A new show from NBC, apparently.

Peacock, NBC's streaming platform, has ordered 13 hourlong episodes of Frogger, an oversized physical competition show featuring 12 obstacle courses inspired by the classic game. That likely means lots of neon, cartoonish sets, and a smattering of Konami branding.

NBC Universal

"These physically demanding challenges will see contestants dodge treacherous traffic, leap over snapping gators and hop over hungry hippos to conquer the course," the press release reads.

The winner of each episode will receive a cash prize. Eureka Productions, the company behind The Amazing Race and Dating Around, is casting the show right now, and it's open to US residents age 18 and older. It'll film in Australia from late May through the end of June. Happy hopping, hopefuls.