Comcast is bringing back G4TV in some form

The network will return in 2021.


Long defunct cable television network G4 is returning sometime in 2021, according to a teaser posted on Friday afternoon (via Variety). The one-minute video doesn't provide many details of what we can expect from the network moving forward.

The CG teaser pans across an abandoned warehouse littered with old camera equipment and gaming artifacts. At one point, two NES controllers appear in the frame. Eventually, the camera makes its way to an old CRT television that's displaying a game of Pong. The TV screen then glitches out before a lengthy animation ends with the G4 logo. The teaser ends with the year 2021 and the tagline, "We never stopped playing."

G4 went on air in 2002 and featured a variety of tech and gaming-related programming. Besides shows like X-Play and Attack of the Show!, G4 is probably best known for helping launch the career of actor Olivia Munn. Comcast subsidiary NBCUniversal Cable shuttered the network in 2014. One possibility is that G4 could feature in the company’s plans for Peacock. On July 15th, the streaming service became available to anyone who wants to subscribe to it.