A collector is selling thousands of game consoles for $1 million

They say the trove includes between 200 and 300 consoles that are impossible to find elsewhere.

Kaori30 / ebay

An eBay listing popped up this week that likely has game console collectors salivating. Someone based in France is selling more than 2,200 consoles, including as many models, color variants and special editions as they could get their hands on. The asking price for this slice of gaming history? €984,000, or just a hair under $1 million.

Per Google Translate, the seller, who goes by Kaori30, says the collection covers 50 years of gaming history. It includes console variants that were only offered through contests. Along with the consoles, the listing (by way of Kotaku) includes a few hundred games, some statues and other collectibles.

A video game console collection, including Nintendo and Xbox products.

Kaori30 says they started the collection in the early '90s, but sold everything they had acquired a few years later. They started snapping up consoles again later that decade and stopped in 2011 due to a lack of time and how difficult it was to find rarer pieces. After a visit to Japan in 2018, they reignited their passion and were able to get back almost everything they sold, as well as a bunch more consoles.

The collector estimates that there are between 200 and 300 items that aren't available anywhere else, which makes this a one-of-a-kind collection. The listing details many, if not all, of the Nintendo items in the trove (including at least 20 Nintendo 64 variants). Still, Kaori30, who has a perfect positive feedback score on eBay, promises that the lot has "everything," including Sega and Neo Geo consoles. A glance at photos the seller provided reveals that they're also offering many other devices, including PlayStation, Xbox and TurboGrafx hardware and even an Ouya. Some old videos also offer a closer look at many of the items.

Kaori30 is only offering delivery in France. So, if you're a well-off gaming enthusiast living elsewhere and you want to snag this vast collection, you'll need to figure out shipping too.

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