Games Done Quickly's stream for COVID-19 relief has begun

It will run around the clock through Sunday and raise funds for Direct Relief.


Today through April 19th, you can tune into Games Done Quickly’s (GDQ) streamed COVID-19 charity event to watch some of the fastest speedrunners in the world race through new and classic games and raise money for the coronavirus pandemic. The event, Corona Relief Done Quick (CRDQ), kicks off at 12PM ET, and 100 percent of donations will go to Direct Relief, which helps provide medical supplies to those in need. Earlier this year, a similar GDQ event raised more than $3 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, so we can expect this to be a significant fundraiser for COVID-19 relief.

You can find the stream through GDQ's Twitch channel. While most of GDQ’s speedrunning events are hosted in-person, this one will be virtual, for obvious reasons. According to Polygon, in each segment, a streamer and host will take over to explain their strategy and read out donations coming in from viewers. The event will run around the clock through Sunday, and the full schedule can be found online.

GDQ recently announced that it will postpone its Summer Games Done Quick 2020. At the moment that is planned to begin on August 16th. Though that could still change. Yesterday, Gamescom announced that it will cancel its in-person conference scheduled for August 2020, and Facebook said it will cancel all large, in-person events through June 2021.