Garmin’s Forerunner 35 GPS watch is an even better bargain at only $90

You can also get one of the color models for $100.


If you plan to start running once the coronavirus crisis passes, you may want to check out Best Buy's latest deal. The big-box retailer has discounted the Forerunner 35 GPS smartwatch to $90, matching the lowest ever price we've seen for the wearable.

Buy Forerunner 35 at Best Buy - $90

One thing to note is only the black model is currently on sale for $90, but you can get the other three colors for $100. So if you particularly like the look of the Frost Blue or Limelight models, you're still getting a good deal by picking one of them up. If you tend to buy new gadgets from Amazon, the Forerunner 35 is on sale there as well

The smartwatch features GPS and all-day activity tracking, as well as a heart rate monitoring. While Garmin designed the wearable with runners in mind, it includes multiple sport modes, letting you record your cycling workouts and so on. As you might expect with any other fitness-focused wearable, it will also track your steps and calorie burn. Outside of its fitness features, the Forerunner 35 can mirror smartphone notifications and control music playback.

Depending on how you use the wearable, Garmin claims you can get up to nine days of battery life out of the Forerunner 35 on a single charge. Of course, battery life will largely depend on how you use the device. In training mode, for instance, battery life comes in at about 13 hours instead. All told, the Forerunner 35 is a decent choice for newbie runners.

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