Garmin's feature-packed Forerunner 235 GPS watch is just $140 on Amazon

The lowest price it's ever been.


Garmin might have launched its Forerunner 235 GPS running watch back in 2015, but it’s a feature-packed device that’s stood the test of time. Now, Amazon has it on offer for $140, which is the retailer's lowest price ever. It’s a significant discount compared to its original $330 launch price (and subsequent reductions over the years) but also around $30 cheaper than rival retailers.

Buy Garmin Forerunner 235 on Amazon - $140

The watch displays heart rate and training zone directly on its face — negating the need for a chest strap — as well as the usual running-orientated activity tracking: distance, steps, pace, and so on. It’ll last for 11 hours on a single charge, supports smartphone notifications, and syncs directly with Garmin’s Connect IQ smartwatch platform, which lets you manage phone notifications to the device, control your music and get audio prompts from your phone, such as lap times. The platform also connects users to a host of watch faces, apps, widgets and more, so you can basically completely tailor the watch to your individual needs.

As mentioned, it’s a five-year-old device, but it does everything (and in some cases more) than some of the contemporary models on the market today. It was clearly built with future-proofing in mind, which is why it commanded such a hefty price tag on its initial release. And it’s a favorite with professional athletes. Marathon runner Amanda Nurse told Engadget she’s a fan of the Forerunner 235 because it’s “the perfect combination of techie but not too overloaded with features that I won’t need,” adding that it “keeps me motivated.” Bear in mind that Nurse completed the 2017 Boston Marathon in a lightning 3 hours and five minutes while 13 weeks pregnant, so she probably knows what she’s talking about.

If you’re in the market for a running watch — and a lot of us are given ongoing gym closures due to the coronavirus — the Forerunner 235 is a solid bet, packing quality features and evident longevity into what is now an incredibly reasonable price.

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