The GE Profile is a new smart mixer that can shut itself off when your dough is ready

The $1,000 appliance has a built-in smart scale and support for voice control.

Crate & Barrel

GE Appliances has created a smart mixer that could help take more of the sting out of baking. For one thing, the GE Profile Smart Mixer with Auto Sense has a built-in scale that will enable you to measure ingredients directly in the mixing bowl — just be sure to add each ingredient slowly so you don't plop in too much.

It uses motor torque feedback to monitor the texture and viscosity of a mix. According to Crate and Barrel, which snagged the smart mixer as an exclusive product, the appliance will shut off when it detects that your concoction is ready for the next step. That should help you avoid having overmixed dough that results in overly chewy cookies.

Naturally, given that this is a smart mixer, there's support for Alexa and Google Assistant voice control. So, you can set the mixing speed without having to get flour all over the controls or washing your hands first.

There's a companion app that has more than a dozen guided recipes at the outset. Through over-the-air updates, GE Appliances will add more features and recipes over time. Furthermore, this is said to be the first smart mixer in the US with an advanced digital brushless DC motor system. That seemingly helps the mixer run at consistently high power with the ability to work stiff doughs without stalling or overheating. The smart mixer is said to run at a lower temperature than other models, which should help extend its lifespan.

If it works as promised, the auto shutoff function in particular could be useful for newer bakers who aren't used to eyeballing doughs for readiness. However, you'll need to have reasonably steep pockets if you want to pick up GE Appliances' smart mixer as it costs $1,000. Preorders are open now and the mixer should ship later this month.

Update 12/5 3:51PM ET: Changed mentions of GE to GE Appliances.

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