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Get a $100 Xbox gift card for $90 at Amazon

This deal comes just in time for a little game called ‘Starfield.’

INA FASSBENDER via Getty Images

In what essentially amounts to free money, Amazon’s selling $100 Xbox gift cards for just $90, a savings of ten percent. This deal only applies to digital codes, not physical gift cards. Additionally, only the $100 card gets the discount, so other denominations are the same price as always. The final caveat? You can only buy two at a time, but that’s nearly enough for four AAA games or a lengthy subscription to Game Pass.

The codes can be used to purchase full games, DLC, various subscriptions, in-game currency and more. You can even use them to buy controllers and other must-have Xbox accessories, so long as the products are available directly from Microsoft. Gift cards don’t go on sale often, for obvious reasons, so the deal will likely sell out before too long.

This is a suspiciously-timed deal, as the hotly-anticipated sci-fi RPG Starfield releases next week, on September 6th. In other words, a whole lot of people are going to use their brand-new gift cards to get the brand-new Bethesda adventure. There’s also a new Forza game on the horizon, in addition to Alan Wake 2 and a bevy of cross-platform titles. You’ll have no shortage of games to spend your digital cash on.

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